Shaquana Fernandez Owner/Program Director

Shaquana Fernandez is the founder and Program Director of T.L.C. Child Enrichment. Before starting T.L.C. Child Enrichment, Shaquana was living in Michigan with her family where she worked for a large corporation. She reached a point where she felt her true calling and career was elsewhere, so in 2007 Shaquana and her family relocated to Arizona which became the first major step to putting her on the path to where she and T.L.C. are today.

Shaquana has grown to know and appreciate the importance of creating a solid foundation in the early years of children’s development and the awesome responsibility we all have to foster positive relationships and interactions in early childhood to help produce happy, healthy, well-adjusted future adults. Her philosophy and goals at T.L.C. Child Enrichment are to offer the very best child care available, giving you as a parent the peace of mind to know your child is in an environment that will help them grow and develop.

Before starting T.L.C. Child Enrichment, I worked in the accounting department at a major corporation. I was living in Michigan as the wife to an amazing and hardworking man and as a mother with two young children at home and 6 children in total.

In 2007, our family relocated to Arizona. During that transition, we made the major life decision that set us on the path to where we are today. T.L.C. Child Enrichment was birthed out of the desire to be the stable, supportive care and education provider my own children as well as to the children of the families in our community.

The name T.L.C. Child Enrichment was a natural selection for our company. Our mission is to provide high quality care and education to children in a safe, creative and loving environment. While achieving this mission requires a great deal of grit; it would be impossible without a healthy dose of tender, loving care.

An unwavering commitment to our mission and strong desire to create an enduring legacy for my family drives me to make T.L.C. Child Enrichment successful. We’ve been entrusted with providing a service that can and will affect the future leaders of our families, our country and the world. We are grateful for the task and do not take it lightly.

T.L.C. Child Enrichment celebrates our ten (10) year anniversary in 2017 and we couldn’t be prouder with the progress we’ve made as a company and the positive effect we’ve had in the community. As we look forward it is our goal to continue to flourish in our purpose and expand our service offerings in Arizona and ultimately, around the world.

Meet the Team

Hard Working & Dedicated

At T.L.C. Child Enrichment, hard work is just one of many traits that our team upholds as well as providing a safe and fun environment for young growing minds. Our staff is dedicated to providing a nurturing place where children can build a foundation for continued learning. We believe one of the greatest attributes we can give to your child is a feeling of self-worth and it is our desire to teach them values and skills for living which include, making good choices, displaying proper manners, working independently, taking responsibility, sharing, empathy, honesty, and respect for self and others.




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