T.L.C. Child Enrichment has been providing exceptional child care and education for children from 6 weeks old up to 12 years old since 2007.

Innovation, creativity, and nurturing is what T.L.C. Child Enrichment has strived for since its doors opened to the Northwest Valley community in 2007. For 10 years we have won the hearts of families, teachers, and most importantly, the children. Our approach to learning makes all the difference, children’s minds are naturally wide open and ready to learn and we have a unique way of encouraging them to become life-long learners.

The education of children is priority #1. T.L.C. Child Enrichment strives to support and encourage children to reach their fullest potential in an environment that is clean, safe, creative and loving. After all, children are our future and we must invest time, funding and energy into their success.
- S. Fernandez, Executive Program Director

Core Value Curriculum

T.L.C. Child Enrichment provides a wide array of services that focus on early childhood development and learning. The Core Value Curriculum™ are a set of guiding principles that facilitate the growth of the entire child through the training of the mind, body and self in fun and engaging ways.

Through play, instruction, music and literature, our core value curriculum will instill the tools necessary to create well-adjusted, creative and responsible citizens.

T.L.C. Core Value Commitments

  • Walk carefully, be courteous and respect the feelings of others.

  • Be proactive; think outside the box. Get crazy but not too crazy.

  • Respect your neighbors; inside voices. Listen to your teacher

  • Help each other, work as a team and share your strengths. Be accountable.

  • Be kind to each other, no fighting, no biting, no yelling.

  • Interactive Learning Space

    Each classroom at T.L.C. is arranged to encourage learning through exploration and social interaction by inspiring 3 main development areas; social and emotional development, intellectual development, and physical development.

  • Clean and loving Environment

    T.L.C. prides itself on keeping an extra clean learning environment. Toys are cleaned on a regular basis, all classrooms are cleaned daily, staff members have current food handlers qualifications, as well as CPR certification and training.

  • Nutrition and healthy habits

    Our teachers help the children develop healthy habits and polite manners. Setting the table, serving others and themselves, cleaning up after lunch and snacks, washing hands, and communicating appropriately at the table are just a few of the daily practices.

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